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Parent Raised baby Lovebrids For Sale

It’s that time again, I have parent raised babies to clear out.These are all young parent, aviary raised babies, in excellent health and feather, they are clipped. They are not sexed unless the description says. I live near Gilbert Rd and US60 in Mesa, AZ and these are for local pick up only. Please email me or message me on Facebook if interested lynn@desertlovebirdsaviary.com

SOLD 3 aqua/dutch blues, 2 in the left pic, the other one can be seen in the top of the other pic….all look very similar, $20 eachaqua/dutch blue baby lovebirds







Solda cinnamon aqua/dutch blue female, from same clutch as the 3 above, $25cinnamon aqua/dutch blue female lovebirdSoldopaline AquaTurquoise/sea green female, she is also in the top right pic $30opaline AquaTurquoise/sea green female lovebirdSold2 AquaTurquoise/sea green, from same clutch as the opaline $15 eachAquaTurquoise/sea green lovebirds

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Proven Lovebirds

The birds in this post are no longer available

SOLD……I have 1 pair of lovebirds that will be available soon. They have babies that are about 3 weeks old so it will be some time before they finish up and the pair will be available. The hen is a pallid/Australian cinnamon aqua/dutch blue and the cock is an aqua/dutch blue that is split for cinnamon and silver/edged dilute/marbled. This is the second clutch for both but only the first clutch with each other. This hen is very territorial and does not like to be disturbed, she is an exceptional mommy though and this cock has been an exceptional daddy. Both are in excellent health and feather. Hen is about 4 years old and the male is about 2 years old. 25% of the females from this pair will be cinnamon. Both birds are aqua/dutch blue so all offspring should be the same. $70

For lack or response, I’ve decided to keep her and let her have one more clutchI will also be selling a proven female AquaTurquoise/sea green opaline soon $30


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