How to Sprout for Lovebirds

Sprouting for your lovebirds is one of the best things you can do for them. Sprouts are full of nutrients and protein that requires next to nothing for a lovebird to make use of, the sprouting process ‘digests’ the fat for them so it’s already done. Sprouts are called a superfood for just this reason…all the potential of the seed and the plant rolled into a tiny sprout. Sprouts are considered an immune booster as well, it takes nothing for the body to make use of the sprout.

I highly recommend starting with wheat berry sprouts before expanding and trying other sprouts, they are very readily taken, very =) Wheatberries can be found at Whole Foods and Sprouts in their bulk foods section.

Sprouting for birds

Seeds and wheatberries soaking

The technique I use for sprouts will have them ready to feed in 2 days time. In the morning of the first day I start them soaking in a bowl of water in which I have sprayed a teeny bit of bleach to head of fungus. I keep a bottle of very diluted bleach (1:10-20) on hand and I spray a squirt or two in the bowl with the water. I use filtered water BTW, always filtered water.

sunflower seeds in colander

sunflower seeds in colander

That eveningI’ll put the wheatberries in a colander and rinse well. I leave them in the colander and cover with a moist paper towel and set that back in the original bowl to catch the drips. It’ll sit like this for the next day and a half and I rinse with water as needed to keep it moist.

wheatberry sprouts

wheatberry sprouts

On the morning of the second day, you should see a decent tail starting, really you can feed these as soon as they are soaked but they are mostnutritious when a tail is showing, that means they’re sprouting.

sunflower sprouts

sunflower sprouts

To keep these, rinse and allow to drain well, then put in a plastic bag with a clean piece of paper towel to soak up extra moisture, seal tightly, and refrigerate. These could keep for quite a few days, you can smell when they’re starting to go bad at which point you should toss what’s left. With only one or two lovebirds, you shouldn’t need to soak a ton of wheatberries at a time, but that’s something you’ll have to figure out.

Other things to try and sprout? Rice, mung beans. sunflower seeds, buckwheat, safflower seeds, millet, to start you off! Happy sprouting!

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2 Responses to How to Sprout for Lovebirds

  1. Christina says:

    what did you mean when you said you spray teeny bit of bleach to head of fungus? What is head of fungus? so you mean 1 ounce bleach to ever 10 to 20 ounces water? What is the purpose of this? Can it work if I just soak seeds in water for a day and a half? Can you post a picture of what the wheatberries seed looks like please?

    • Lynn says:

      Hi Christina! I replied on Facebook, too =) …’head off’, I just mean to prevent fungus from growing. I use about a 20 oz spray bottle and I maybe use a teaspoon of bleach in it, I used to do 1:10 but found it unnecessary to use that much. Everything has the potential to grow fungus once wet, the bleach water is to prevent that. No, you cannot sprout by soaking for a day and a half, they would start to spout but then would die because they can’t grow while submerged in water. You can see wheat berries in the lower left photo, these are sprouted but they are wheat berries.