No More Lovebirds!

For anyone visiting here and looking for lovebirds, I wanted to leave this note here for you. I am no longer breeding lovebirds, in fact I no longer have any lovebirds. Sorry and good luck in your hunt!

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No Babies =(

I am getting quite a few requests for babies so I just wanted to put a note here to let folks know that I don’t have any tame babies right now. I am very busy working on a shopping cart for my polymer clay website and trying to get things made to fill it and I can’t set aside time to hand feed until fall 2012 at the earliest. At that time I do *hope* to have at least 3 pairs giving me sexable babies and have at least 6 guaranteed males babies to handfeed. I will be taking names for a waiting list at the end of the summer/early fall for those male babies. If you think you might be interested, you should follow my facebook page, as that’s where I’ll be posting about this. Those babies will be $75 each, and once they start feathering $25 of that will need to go down as a deposit to reserve your baby.

Thankyou! If you have any questions, please email

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